Together we help protect the ground squirrel

Souslik Colouring Book (pdf)

5 different pictures of sousliks for you to colour in at home or at school. Take a photo and send us your completed pictures, we‘d love to see them!

Souslik Memory Game (pdf)

Have fun trying to remember where the pairs are. Just print out the pictures on thick A4 paper, turn them around and print the last page on the back. Cut them out, shuffle, and try and find the matching pairs!

Souslik Quiz (pdf) (Czech)

We‘ve created this small quiz about sousliks you can play at home or in the classroom. You can easily play this outside by creating a map of where the questions are. Page 2 can be printed as many times as you like. All other pages should be printed back to front and cut out (except the A4 pages!). We‘ve also provided the answers in more depth on the last two pages.

A Year in the Life of a Souslik (YouTube video) (Czech)

Check out our video including animations and videos about sousliks. Suitable for young children and adults!

My Neighbour, the Souslik (pdf)

Here you can find our photo exhibition, featuring sousliks from around the Czech Republic. Currently at Trkmanka Ekocentrum, Velké Pavlovice, this exhibition can be rented. Please get in contact if you would like to host this exhibition.

The World of Ground Squirrels (pdf) (Czech)

This 46 page worksheets is full of colourful information about sousliks including what they are, where they live, what they eat, what eats them, quizzes, puzzles and so much more! If you‘re interested in working through this with your children or in class, please get in contact so we can send you hard copies.