Together we help protect the ground squirrel

Washed out ground squirrels at the Biele Vody locality, S...

Heavy rains and ground squirrels is not a good mix. Read about the catastrophe in Biele Vody, Slovakia and how hundreds of ground squirrels were saved from the cold.

Variety in the landscape is fundamental for biodiversity

Can an agricultural landscape be home to both plants and animals? Let's seek inspiration from Velké Pavlovice.

Planting fruit trees for ground squirrels

In Autumn 2019, 20 fruit trees were planted. Cherries or apricots are a welcome diversification of the ground squirrel diet.


The aim of our projects, stamps and website is to help save the European ground squirrel from disappearing from our landscape.



We are looking for sousliks and need your help to map their occurence.

If you have seen, heard or know about a souslik colony, please contact us via one of the following methods: