Together we help protect the ground squirrel

Variety in the landscape is fundamental for biodiversity

„The ground squirrel - an umbrella species for an agricultural landscape with high biodiversity“

The significant decline of biodiversity in agricultural landscape has been a very topical issue in recent years.

Now, this discussion is being presented in journals and is penetrating into the public media. Most commonly, articles discuss the negative affect an agricultural landscape has on the biodiversity of a specific area, not the other way round.

In our article, we introduce the complex habitats created by the vineyards, orchards, fields and steppe landscape on the outskirts of Velké Pavlovice. We discuss how, rather than having the negative effect commonly portrayed in the media, they can actually be an inspiration for the restoration of a diverse agricultural landscape and also how they can provide support for its preservation.

The article is available for free here (Czech).