Together we help protect the ground squirrel

For winemakers

Winemakers - do you have sousliks in your vineyard? Be proud of them - it‘s a real rarity! Sousliks are considered one of the most endangered mammals in Europe. Help us, we can protect them together. We created the trademark Sysli na Vinici for winemakers who maintain their vineyards with sousliks in mind.

The trademark is awarded by ALKA Wildlife, o.p.s. and Karlovy Vary Museum who are conducting research on sousliks in the Czech Republic.


A trademark can be given to a vineyard where:

  1. Occurrence of sousliks living within the vineyard for the given year has been proven
  2. The vineyards are maintained in a way that is both souslik and environmentally friendly.

Specifically, the minimum requirements are:

  • At least every second row of the vineyard is grassy
  • The viticulturist does not endangered the sousliks through the use of pesticides such as rodenticides

Here you can find a list of vineyards which have been awarded this special mark.

If you would like to obtain the Sysli na Vinci trademark and display the stickers on your bottles, at your cellar and provide information leaflets for visitors to your wine cellars, please get in contact.

Advice for winemakers in how to support souslik populations in their vineyards and suggestions for winemakers who want to adapt their vineyards into suitable environments for sousliks.