Together we help protect the ground squirrel

A day in the life of a ground squirrel family

From Autumn to Spring, sousliks spend their time hibernating in their burrows. Once they wake up, the mating season starts! Gestation lasts for from around 25-28 days and afterwards, the females will give birth to 3-12 young! For around four weeks, these young will spend all their time in the safety of the burrow, but in the end that have to emerge and discover the new world above the ground…

They might have emerged, but having a quick meal from mum is still very important

There are five in this littler this year, so mum has a lot of work on her hands…

They have spied the strange photographer…„Mum, look at that!“

„Where??? I‘m not too sure about her, quick, come home!“

„Yeah, okay mum, we‘re coming!“

Even though these little ones might still be getting fed by their mother, they‘re still very small! They currently weigh around 40g but will need to be at least 200g in time for hibernation.

…they‘re still hungry…

They‘re looking like they want to go an explore this new world...“Mum, can I go?!“

„Okay thanks mum! Off I go!“